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Abundance London school picking

Throughout autumn 2011 Abundance London picked over a tonne and a half of fruit that would have gone to waste, we organised at least seven picking outings per week through September alone for local schools and volunteers. Little teams from Belmont, Cavendish, Grove Park, St Peters, Strand-on-the-Green and William Hogarth Schools trotted off to local gardens to help people with their over-flowing trees. We had brilliant comments from the kids about what fun it was, and how they now knew how to pick fruit, and from tree owners about how nice the kids were and how happy they were that the fruit was going to a good place. For us it was not only a mind-blowing logistical enterprise, matching trees, with kids, with catchment areas, with school and work timetables, with equipment logistics… but also quite a physically strenuous month.


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