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Occasional investigative exposés of corruption and stupidity

A novel based on a historical mystery

A non-fiction work based on some mysterious diaries

A stash of diaries, a secret love affair, Dresden in the 1930s…


Occasional contributions to Private Eye.

Sometimes the articles even had an effect:

I just wanted to let you know that the council has at last, after a lot of campaigning, decided not to build on the park itself. I wanted to thank you for your assistance; I am in no doubt that the article played a key role in getting people to question the decision to build that, until then, had been taken for granted. And it also gave our group a real boost to see what we thought so nicely put into words!


A few examples of articles:

Planet of the Apes and Park Life.

[tab:Old Books]

A ski book

Written by me (heavily pregnant, trying not to fall) and my Olympic skier brother this was a classic at the time. At least we thought so. It went on to form the basis for my brother’s first website ifyouski.com.







A business book

Published to coincide with a BBC TV series, this book is now a historic document about the opening up of Eastern Europe after the fall of the Wall.










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