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When Karen Liebreich set out to write her family history she planned to centre the story around a few treasured objects. These few mementos evoked memories of her grandparents and their siblings in Vienna and Czechoslovakia before the Holocaust. But as her research progressed it became clear that almost nothing of her family had survived the devastation that hit central European Jewry in the 20th century.

Never-before published interviews with those at the heart of Goebbels’ propaganda machine – the Nazi ‘Marilyn Monroe’, Lilli Marlene’s composer, Leni Riefenstahl’s cameraman, Goebbels’ secretary Brunhilde Pomsel and many more.

On 30 March 2002 a glass bottle shaped like a tear, containing an unsigned love letter, two curls of hair and a mystery, washed up on an English beach. Karen Liebreich spent the next seven years searching for the author of the letter, in a mad quest that brought in its train frustration, red herrings and even ridicule.

Kitchen garden – food growing, gardening with children. The Family Kitchen Garden provides clear instruction on growing vegetables, fruit, herbs, and cutting flowers, including an A-Z of plants and month-by-month advice on what to do when. It is especially intended for anyone who may be daunted by the idea of gardening with children.

This limited edition art book was created to accompany the Chiswick Timeline mural. Only 1,500 were printed and sold out almost immediately. 

It tells the story of the mural, from inception to manufacture. Each map, from John Norden’s 1593 Map of Middlesex to Legible London’s 2018 way-finder is lovingly reproduced in large scale.

Sexual abuse by priests is investigated in Fallen Order: Intrigue, Heresy and Scandal in the Rome of Galileo and Caravaggio. Researching for my doctorate in the archives of the Vatican and a religious Order I came across a treasure trove of interesting documents. Several years later the archive of the Inquisition was partially opened to researchers. Using these documents I was able to piece together a shocking tale of sexual abuse by priests.

Unexplained: Spine-tingling tales from real places around Britain and Ireland. Ghosts, castles, stone circles. Ghost stories ebook. Over 40 spooky tales from historic sites around Britain, including misty legends, Elizabethan hauntings, uncannily faithful dogs and strange phenomena. Each story in the book gives details of the location. Also information on when, where and how the sites can be visited.

Other writing projects including works in progress, journalism work and old books written by Karen.