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Family Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden – food growing, gardening with children. The Family Kitchen Garden provides clear instruction on growing vegetables, fruit, herbs, and cutting flowers, including an A-Z of plants and month-by-month advice on what to do when. It is especially intended for anyone who may be daunted by the idea of gardening with children.

This book is the fruit of the authors’ experience of working with hundreds of local schoolchildren on the restoration of the walled gardens at Chiswick House in West London as a productive and beautiful kitchen garden.


An indispensable handbook.

Alice Waters

Quite simply, this is a brilliant, inspiring and heartening gardening book.

Families Magazine September 2009

​Fabulous… different, quirky, educational.

BBC TV’s Gardeners World

This book is a cornucopia of ideas to get the family gardening, with everything from planting adventures to healthy eating. The material is ideal for novice gardeners but has challenges enough for seasoned green fingers. Above all, it looks like fun – the best way to educate.

Books Quarterly May 2009

…beautiful, inspirational, witty …. Simple, sage reminders, along with beautiful photographs, fill this practical, delightful book.

Molly Dannenmaier Author of A Child’s Garden

This wonderfully illustrated and highly informative book is based on the authors’ experience gained over the past five years restoring a neglected seventeenth-century kitchen garden at Chiswick House in West London (an FCFCG member project). They have created a beautiful, productive and educational space with the help of hundreds of school children who have come to the garden to work, learn, garden and eat. .The authors’ first hand experience with so many children is what makes this book stand out above others that attempt to encourage adults to garden with children and help them to cook and eat what they grow. It is full of tried and tested growing methods, child-relevant tips, recipes and projects. And it doesn’t skimp on detail. It really does cover all you need to know about how to garden with children so that you all enjoy it and are able to reap the benefits of all your hard work.

Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens

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Here’s something we sowed earlier. Growing your own food is the best way to interest children in eating healthily – if you let them help, say Karen Liebreich, Jutta Wagner and Annette Wendland.

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We couldn’t squeeze all the fruit and veg into our book, so some of the less common varieties didn’t make the final cut. For the most popular things to grow, you’ll have to buy the book, but for some of the others, download them free here:



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