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A Bottle on the Shore – The Letter in the Bottle dramatised

The Letter in the Bottle has been dramatised as A Bottle on the Shore by John Taylor of The Fiction Factory. Transmitted as a BBC Radio 4 play on 11th December 2012. Starring Stella Gonet, Caroline Loncq and Anton Lesser.

On a winter’s day in 2002 a bottle shaped like a tear washed up on a the Kent coast. It contained a letter written in French, a lock of hair, and a mystery. Only one thing could be known for certain – that the writer of the letter was a mother, grieving for her lost child, Maurice. Moved by the woman’s heartache, Karen Liebreich set out on an epic journey to piece together the mother’s tale. Her book is the amazing true story of one woman’s search for another, and a poignant reflection on love, loss and motherhood.

3 thoughts on “A Bottle on the Shore – The Letter in the Bottle dramatised

  1. Dear Karen

    Lovely play, acting and everything else was brilliant. Can you tell me who the singer of the Leonard Cohen accompanying track was?



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