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Changing guard at Buckingham Palace

Karen LIebreich at Buckingham Palace

Karen Liebreich at Buckingham PalaceWent up to Buckingham Palace to collect my MBE. It felt like the coldest day of the year, and I was not wearing enough clothes! But it was a fun day. I managed one decent curtsey, and we’ll draw a polite veil over the second one …

4 thoughts on “Changing guard at Buckingham Palace

  1. Karen was included in the New Year Honours List 2013 for services to the community in Chiswick. She helped bring the Chiswick House Kitchen Garden back to life as a leading member of the Chiswick House Kitchen Garden Association and has since been involved in a number of community based horticultural projects in the area.

  2. Dates and Times can change, sometimes at short notice,when the Guards are required for operational or other ceremonial duties, or as a result of road closures.

  3. We anticipate Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace will take place on Sunday’s, Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s between August and May with daily Guard Mounts in June and July.

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