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Chelsea Fringe Edible Herbal High Road

The Edible Herbal High Road for the Chelsea Fringe was launched with great fanfare and a day of herbal workshops on 18th May. 60 mini-herb gardens now grace the streets of Chiswick, along with a herbalĀ  knot garden with living willow structure on Turnham Green, opposite the Town Hall. Lots of good press coverage for the event, and lots of kids following the Treasure Trail round all the gardens. A joy to work with the rest of the team (with one exception!!), and even with Hounslow Council and their contractor, which was a truly novel experience. I did a few interviews about the event which you can find here and here. More info on the whole project at www.abundancelondon.com

Edible High Road fruit trees (2012) + Herbal High Road herb boxes (2013)

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