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Chiswick House Kitchen Garden

The Chiswick House Kitchen Garden, the seventeenth century walled garden we saved a few years ago. After some colossal battles between the local residents and Hounslow council and English Heritage, the garden was saved and a grant awarded to pay for a Kitchen Gardener. A new Kitchen Gardener has just been appointed to this lovely 2-acre enclosure, originally built by Samuel Fox in the 1680s, working to the new Head Gardener who oversees the whole of Chiswick House and Gardens. The 200+ fruit trees that make up the biggest new orchard in West London – probably in the whole of London –  have received their winter pruning. Apples, pears, plums, figs, mulberries and soft fruit provide a real cornucopia for the future. The southern garden is once more divided into quarters – herbs & cutting flowers, vegetables and fruit, with the last quarter for exciting one-off projects. And the northern garden, once doomed to be gravelled over for corporate car parking, is now a spacious orchard of small (but growing) cherry and plum trees.

Now we just need a few more open days (free of charge, of course), and to get the local community and the wider public interested and involved again!

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