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Nazi propaganda interviews

Hunting through the attic looking for something else I find a box of old documents from when I spent a while as a Nazi hunter in the early 1990s. I tracked down and interviewed several ageing Germans, and now I read through my notes with wonder. Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary to Goebbels; Hans-Otto Meissner, son of Hindenburg’s Secretary of State; Margot Hielscher, starlet and fodder for Goebbels’ casting couch; Kristina Söderbaum, the German Marilyn Monroe; Norbert Schultze, composer of Lilli Marlene; Wilfred von Oven, press attaché to Goebbels; Water Frentz, personal cameraman to Hitler, and so on. Goodness, this stuff is really interesting! I better keep it.

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