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Abundance Fruit Day

The Abundance Fruit Day of 1st October 2011 already seems like a long time ago – in those halcyon last hot days of the summer… Our big fruit press worked its way through a huge pile of apples, aided by many passersby, local children and even councillors. Steve Oram from PTES identified lots of mysterious misshapen fruits from people’s gardens, Mary Macleod MP pedalled her own smoothie, longest peels were peeled, the school stalls attracted loyal followings, Sam’s Brasserie demonstrated marvellous tasty things, Outsider Tart provided delicious cakes, Waterstone’s supported us with a fruity selection of children’s stories, local honey jars flew off into Chiswick homes.

Throughout the area, people were busy making chutneys, cakes, jams and – especially – quince cheese, which turned into the nightmare of Quince Tarmac….

We made a profit on the Abundance Fruit Festival, so we have now paid off our fruit press, scratter (that macerates the apples before juicing), apple pickers, bike trailer, jars, bottles and all the other equipment we have needed (phew!). We also have a small reserve fund now, which we will be using to support environmental projects in the area, especially in the participating schools. We’ll keep you posted, and if you have suggestions, please let us know.

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