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UneXplained launches as ebook

Ghost stories ebook.

Unexplained: Spine-tingling tales about real places in Britain and Ireland. Ghosts, castles, stone circles, saints, hauntings.

UneXplained, originally published as a children’s book in a pre-ebook era has now been re-issued on Kindle.

There are forty hair-raising and inexplicable stories from historical sites around England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland involving mysterious ghosts, battles, dead bodies, monsters and legends…  Aimed at children aged around eight.

From Bath to Yorkshire, Edinburgh to Clwyd via mysterious knights, stone circles, Tudor queens, walled-in nuns, anti-Nazi dogs, Drake’s cannonball, the Loch Ness monster and Greyfriars Bobby. True and mythical stories that old and young will enjoy. Includes updated visiting details for each site.

You can download it here


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